50 Real Life Superhumans That Will Inspire and Amaze You!

There is something fascinating about humans that are a little bit (or a lot) different from the rest of us.

It’s no accident that movies like The Avengers are big hits at the cinema.

On our planet, living among us there are also humans with real super powers.

The people in this list, some well known and some not, all have something extra and special about them.

It could be something do do with their senses, or the way their brain works.

To drill down to a detailed article on each and every one of these amazing superhumans, click on their names.

Enjoy - and don’t forget to let us know which ones you liked best!

realife superhumans

Image: flickr

1.Gino Martino (John Ferraro)

Image: flickr

Image: flickr

Super Power/Trait: Human Anvil

Genetic/Learned: Genetic

Amazing Fact: Gino Martino (John Ferraro) has a super human skull enabling him to break concrete over his head!

He is one of favorite, and friendliest,  superhumans.

Watch the amazing videos, read about his history (including his wrestling career) and much more..

2.Miroslaw Magola

Image: Wikimedia

Image: Wikimedia

Super Power/Trait: Magnetic Man

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: Miroslaw can, with the power of his mind create a magnetic field that can attract metallic objects to his body.

Miroslaw is a very friendly and open man. He has had an ongoing feud with the James Randi Foundation for years, and sent us a lot of information about that.

He was featured on Stan Lee’s Superhumans, and enjoys showcasing his amazing talents. Find out all about him..

3.Guy Bavli

Super Power/Trait: Telekinetics

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: Guy can apparently, with the power of his mind move physical objects.

Guy Bavli is a super magician and illusionist, but does he really have Telekinetic powers? What do you think?

4.Nina Kulagina

Nina KulaginaSuper Power/Trait: Telekinesis

Genetic/Learned: Genetic

Amazing Fact: Nina appears to be one of the few in history that managed to convince scientists and skeptics alike that Telekinesis is possible.

Life cannot have been easy for Nina. There were plenty of skeptics who did not believe in the results of the various experiments. Find out more?

5.Dennis Rogers

Image: flickr

Image: flickr

Super Power/Trait: Super Strength

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: Dennis can rip apart phone books with his bare hands, bend horse shoes and roll up frying pans.

Dennis is super inspirational, he believes that the strength in your hands is core to the strength of your entire body and it does make good sense. Read more about Dennis

6.Wim Hof

Image: flickr

Image: flickr

Super Power/Trait: Iceman

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: Wim has been running barefooted through the snow since he was a teenager.

Wim appears to have mastered the control of his body temperature whether it is staying constant in extreme cold, or in extreme heat.

7.Daniel Kish

daniel kish echolocation

Image: flickr

Super Power/Trait: Batman

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: Daniel uses echolocation to “see” as his eyes were removed when he was only 13 months old.

We can learn from Daniel that sometimes when life deals you a cruel blow that takes away one of your senses the human body shows what it is capable of and enhances another sense.

8.Scott Flansburg

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

Super Power/Trait: Human Calculator

Genetic/Learned: Genetic and/or Learned

Amazing Fact: Tests via a MRI scan, whilst on Stan Lees Super Human Show revealed that when he is calculating numbers a different area of his brain is being used – the part that is normally associated with movement (close to the motor cortex).

It is not often that the real life superhumans are able to pass on their astonishing talents to others, however Scott is doing exactly that.

9.Ron White

Super Power/Trait: Human Calculator

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: He was not what you would call a college superstar.. actually he admits to being kicked out of college altogether!

Currently his project is as a veteran of the war in Afghanistan he has memorized all the fallen heroes (2,300).

10.Stephen Wiltshire

Super Power/Trait: Human Camera

Genetic/Learned: Genetic

Amazing Fact: Stephen has the ability to view something, like the landscape of a city, commit it to memory and then recreate the entire thing in his drawings!

Stephen has shown us that while most of us seem intent to be bound by the shackles of what we determine to be “real” or “possible” others like Stephen are out there actually pushing the limits and showing us all that impossible means nothing.

11.Derek Paravicini

Super Power/Trait: Human Orchestra

Genetic/Learned: Genetic

Amazing Fact: He can listen to a piece of music one time, and then play it perfectly!

We do not think that the average human is capable of what Derek can do, even if they trained for all of their lives.

12.Daniel Tammet

Super Power/Trait: Super Brain

Genetic/Learned: Genetic

Amazing Fact: His memory is outstanding, he managed to reel off pi to 22514 digits (This took over 5 hours!)

Tammet is described as a “prodigious savant” by Dr Darold Treffer, a Wisconsin psychiatrist who has been studying Savant’s for over 40 years.

13.Kim Peek

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

Super Power/Trait: Mega Savant

Genetic/Learned: Genetic

Amazing Fact: He could read much faster than the average human with his left eye scanning the left page of a book, and his right eye scanning the right page!

Even as a young child once he had read and memorized a book he would place it upside down on the shelf to show that he had finished with it. This is something he continued to do throughout his life.

14.Anne Jones

Super Power/Trait: Speed Reader

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: Anne became recognized around the world, after reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, in just 47 minutes and then reviewing the book for Sky News afterwards.

Anne advised us that to achieve a really fast speed you need to understand how your eyes take in the information and how the brain processes it.

15.Edgar Cayce

Super Power/Trait: Clairvoyant/Seer

Genetic/Learned: Possibly Either

Amazing Fact: He would enter a sleeping state, after being given questions from a seeker normally regarding personal or health problems.

Edgar gives us hope that as humans we will achieve much longer lifespans than we have historically done.

16.Dean Karnazes

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

Super Power/Trait: Running Man

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: Dean is famous for running 50 marathons, over 50 days, in all 50 US states.

If you can’t run, then walk. And if you can’t walk, then crawl. Do what you have to do. Just keep moving forward and never, ever give up.

17.Stig Severinsen

Super Power/Trait: Human Dolphin

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: Stig holds the Guinness world record for holding his breath for an amazing 22 minutes!

When tested on Stan Lee’s Superhumans it appeared he used red blood cells stored in his spleen to help achieve these amazing feats, much like a dolphin does.

18.Isao Machii

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

Super Power/Trait: Super Samurai

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: Isao has SuperHuman sensory powers that are beyond anything anyone has ever seen from a normal human being.

Isao teaches us that nothing is impossible, he has trained his senses and sword skills to Super Human levels.

19.Grand Master Zhou Ting-Jue

Super Power/Trait: Healer

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: He can generate heat up to 202 degrees Fahrenheit from his hands, proven by thermal cameras.

Known in his birthplace of mainland China as a “Jewel of the Nation” Grand Master Zhou is 18th Generation Wu Dang Lineage.

20.Tori Allen

Super Power/Trait: Spider Woman

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: By the time Tori was 11 she had set a national outdoor climbing record.

This is definitely something she has learned to do from playing with her pet monkey as a kid.

21.Veronica Seider

veronica seider

Image: flickr

Super Power/Trait: Super Vision

Genetic/Learned: Genetic

Amazing Fact: Her eye-sight ability is outstanding and compared with the fact that a normal human can barely see detail from 20 feet away, Veronica can reportedly do the same thing over a mile.

The normal human eye has a visual acuity of 20/20 while Veronica Seider has an acuity of around 20/2.

22.Harold Williams

Super Power/Trait: Super Linguist

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: He knew more than 58 languages!

A normal human is expected to know at most 6 languages, of which a person may only be fluent in three and the rest are likely to be full of grammatical and spelling mistakes, mostly evident when one tries to converse with a native speaker of a particular language.

23.Bruce Lee

Super Power/Trait: Martial Artist

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: Bruce Lee could perform one-fingered push-ups and catch flying rice with chopsticks!

He was a strong believer that what you think in your mind, helps determine what happens in your life.

24.Daniel Browning Smith

Super Power/Trait: Contortionist (Rubberboy)

Genetic/Learned: Genetic

Amazing Fact: He can do literally anything with his body including bending backwards and forwards, dislocating his arms and legs and rotating his trunk 180 degrees.

Apart from holding the Guinness World Record for the most flexible man alive he also holds other six world records for amazing feats of contortion.

25.William Trubridge

Super Power/Trait: Human Submarine

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: Has the ability to dive below 100 m on a single breath of air

Currently, he spends most of his time in the Bahamas where he trains at the deepest blue hole in the entire world, Deans blue hole.

26.Natasha Demkina

Super Power/Trait: Human SubmarineX-Ray Vision

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: Natasha claims to be able to see right into human bodies, like a pair of x-ray eyes.

Right here on planet earth there is a woman who claims to be able to see right into people’s bodies.

27.Thái Ngoc

Super Power/Trait: Super Insomniac

Genetic/Learned: Genetic

Amazing Fact: He has now been awake for more than 40 years!

On one hand scientists tell us that if we don’t sleep, we will die. On the other hand we have our Superhuman, and he has been awake for decades.

28.Mas Oyama

Super Power/Trait: God Hand

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: At one point he fought 300 men over 3 days in what is called a kumite.

His Superpower came from the intense discipline and training that he subjected himself to over his lifetime.

29.Kevin Richardson

Image: flickr

Image: flickr

Super Power/Trait: Lion Whisperer

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: He kisses them, lets them mouth his hands, and even sleeps with the enormous big cats.

There are plenty of lion tamers, and nature expert in the world. However that is not what this is about.

30.Eskil Ronningsbakken

Super Power/Trait: Fearless

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: A superhuman who balances on a tightrope between cliffs and jaw-dropping canyons.

His death-defying dare-devil antics has seen him ride a bicycle 1000 ft above air on a icy Fjord, balance a chair and pole on a rock lodged between two cliffs and balance on a penny farthing right at the dangerous edge of Fjords.

31.Liam Hoekstra

Super Power/Trait: Super Strength

Genetic/Learned: Genetic

Amazing Fact: Liam’s first display of super-strength was when he did an iron cross at exactly 5 months old!

After a number of check ups and tests, Liam Hoekstra was diagnosed with a rare genetic myostatin-related condition called Muscle hypertrophy.

32.Tim Cridland

Super Power/Trait: Torture King

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: He can stick a sharp spike, into his mouth, and it will penetrate all the way out of his chin!

Zamora The Torture King uses mind techniques to focus his thoughts away from the pain he is inflicting upon himself.

33.Fauja Singh

Super Power/Trait: Sikh Superman

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: At the age of 100, at the special Ontario Masters Association, he attempted and accomplished eight world age group records in just one day.

He drinks lots of tea with ginger and water. He goes to bed early and recites his mantra with the name of God, to avoid negative thoughts crossing his mind.

34.Mike Rutzen

Super Power/Trait: Shark Man

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: He is able to “ride” on the back of great white sharks!

From studying white sharks, Rutzen was able to conclude that white sharks are actually very smart, curious, and not out to kill humans, like many people believe them to be.

35.Claudio Pinto

Super Power/Trait: Pop Eye

Genetic/Learned: Genetic

Amazing Fact: He is able to pop his eyes out of their sockets and extend his globes up to 7 millimeters past the sockets

Pinto says he can remember popping his eyes as young as nine years and has been doing it often without experiencing any pain.

36.Aaron Evans

Super Power/Trait: Human Spring

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: The 26-year-old gymnastic specialist runs towards a car going at 30mph and somersaults directly over it

Evans has jumped into the record books by jumping over three moving cars quicker than any human ever.

37.Jokke Sommer

Super Power/Trait: Birdman

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: The highest jump of his life was when he stepped off Aguille du Midi from the height of 3,842 meters, on the Mont Blanc massif in the French Alps.

Flying and taking risks has become Sommer’s second nature. He is admired by millions of fans who are following his videos on YouTube.

38.Orlando Serrell

Super Power/Trait: Acquired Savant

Genetic/Learned: Genetic

Amazing Fact: He can recall what the weather was like on pretty much every day since his accident in 1979.

Fascinating studies have been done on the way brains like Orlando’s work, and the differences between those with amazing powers and those without.

39.Dickson Oppong

Super Power/Trait: Human Hydrant

Genetic/Learned: Genetic

Amazing Fact: His one of a kind stomach is in a position to hold 4.5 Liters of water, while that of the average individual can only hold 1 Liter.

By controlling, his stomach, Dickson Oppong also has the fascinating ability to spit out all the water he has ingested in a singular “fire hydrant” fashion..

40.Byron Ferguson

Super Power/Trait: Hawke Eye

Genetic/Learned: Genetic

Amazing Fact: Byron has greater than normal eyesight of 20/15, this means he can see what normal people see from 15 feet away, at 20 feet away.

Byron teaches that to become a superior archer you must make the bow and arrow extensions of your body.

41.Derek Amato

Derek Amato

Super Power/Trait: Musical Genius

Genetic/Learned: Genetic

Amazing Fact: Derek is today among just a few people around the world who have had a head trauma or brain injury and have awoken later with amazing mathematical, artistic or musical abilities.

Derek loves his gift. It came to him at a time when he still had not discovered what he wanted to do with his life.

42.Jyoti Raju

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: He has climbed many prominent buildings and sites including the Chitradurga Fort in Karnataka.

He is able to scale vertical rock walls without the use of any climbing equipment. He focuses on the art of free climbing.

43.Brad Williams

Genetic/Learned: Genetic

Amazing Fact: Brad Williams is considered to have one of the best memories in the world

People often think that in a world where we have Google and Wikipedia at our fingertips, there is no practical application to having a remarkable memory. However Brad is proof that is far from the case.

44.Ellen Bourdeaux

Super Power/Trait: Super Savant

Genetic/Learned: Genetic

Amazing Fact: By the age of 4, she had surprised her family members by being able to recognize simple tunes on an electric organ.

As much as most of her abilities seemed to stem from her own curiosity and hunger for knowledge, it is important to realize that some of her incredible abilities were as a result of her parents’ encouragement.

45.Damien Walters

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: Damian Walters has participated in four trampoline World Championship competitions and he was a part of the British team that won the World Title in 2003

He practices 3-4 hrs everyday just to stay in shape and is known for having extensive gymnastic and tumbling skills.

46.Slavisa Pajkic

Super Power/Trait: Electric Man (aka The Battery Man)

Genetic/Learned: Genetic

Amazing Fact: He was able to conduct electricity for long enough to heat a cup of water to about 97 degrees Celsius (206.6 F).

The battery man can also store electricity in his body and release it at will as evidenced by the many times he has set an alcohol-soaked cloth ablaze with his body.

47.Matthias Schlitte

Genetic/Learned: Genetic

Amazing Fact: In 2004, when he was only 16 years old, Matthias Schlitte competed in his first major arm wrestling competition - and won it.

Matthias Schlitte and his superpower abilities are a testament to the old adage of working with what you have to get where you want to go.

48.Lidell Simpson

Super Power/Trait: Photonic Hearing

Genetic/Learned: Genetic

Amazing Fact: Lidell Simpson, despite being deaf, is able to recognize people using sound.

His “inner hearing” has even given him the ability to excel at certain sports such as fencing.

49.Fiona Gameson

Super Power/Trait: Bat-woman

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: Using her echolocation super power, Fiona Gameson is able to find her way around her house as well as, if not better than, a fully sighted individual.

She is the perfect ambassador for persons around the world to not be deterred from living fulfilling lives regardless of their disability.

50.Ben Lee

Super Power/Trait: Super Speed

Genetic/Learned: Learned

Amazing Fact: He holds the Guinness World Record as the World’s Fastest Electric Violinist.

It doesn’t get any more perfect than Ben Lee. He took what he loved to do and made it his life and it is clear to see that he greatly enjoys playing.

We hope you enjoy reading about the amazing real life super heroes in this list.

Is there a super human you think should be on the list, yet isn’t?


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