Tim Cridland (Zamora) - Torture King - Super Human Number 32

The power of disbelief is as strong as the power of belief. -Tim Cridland via RemarkablyHuman.com

It makes you wonder what kind of childhood he must of had, as you watch him slowly but surely, pierce skin and muscle tissue with a sharp metal stake.

After you have read this, and preferably on an empty stomach, take a couple of minutes to watch him on Stan Lees show (the video is a bit further down the page).

For most of us piercing our skin and tissue with skewers would be the last thing we would be thinking of doing in the name of entertainment, but not for this pain seeking superhuman.


Tim was born 29 December 1963 in Pullman, Washington, USA


When Tim talks about his youth he mentions that he was fascinated by stage magic from a young age, what really enthralled him were those acts that were not so much trickery, but real things like fire eating and sword swallowing.

He experimented with pain from an early age - when he was at school he used to stick himself with sewing pins much to the horror of the girls in his class.

He has always had a thirst for knowledge and has spent his lifetime learning about the mystics of the east.

Zamora The Torture King With Skewers

What is Tim’s Superpower?

Tim has the gift of mind over matter, he can inflict painful injuries on himself and scarcely bat an eyelid. He has the power to control pain.

He can calmly stick a sharp spike, into his mouth, and it will penetrate all the way out of his chin!

Stan Lee Super Humans- PAINLESS - Tim Cridland

What Can We Learn From Him?

He can teach us that the power of mind focus can do amazing things, and by harnessing this power we can go beyond the realms of what is considered normal, or usual.

What is Tim Doing Now?

Tim is in the UK right now, doing shows and touring around.

Genetic or Learned Super Power?

Zamora The Torture King uses mind techniques to focus his thoughts away from the pain he is inflicting upon himself.

His body, we believe, as become attuned to sharp objects penetrating skin and tissue. Because of this it does not go into “panic mode” and rush blood to the affected area.

This is why Tim does not bleed like the rest of us would, if we attempted such insane feats of self inflicted torture.

Because of this we do not believe he is genetically different to anyone else - this is a learned super power.

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