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If you thought superman only existed in DC comic books, think again.

We have a present-day Clark Kent by the name of Liam Hoekstra; but unlike Clark who came from Krypton (if you still believe in that planet), Liam is from our very own planet earth.

And the most interesting part of it all…he is just a kid!


Liam Hoekstra was born in 2005 and is living with his adopted parents Dana & Neil Hoekstra in Roosevelt Park, Michigan.

The biggest miracle of Liam’s story is the part he was given up for adoption by a biological mum who worried over the various medical conditions the infant was suffering.

Dana and Neil Hoekstra, however, took him in and have been his foster guardians ever since.

Quite the superman story huh? And little did the Hoekstra parents know that one day their beloved son would bring some of the greatest TV stations in the world to their doorstep.

Image: flickr

Image: flickr

Early History

Liam’s first display of super-strength was when he did an iron cross at exactly 5 months old.

Dana & Neil Hoekstra were startled, and it wasn’t long before their story was confirmed when Liam joined the gym class at Cassell Gymnastics & Dance.

While other kids struggled with chin-ups, Liam made it as easy as ringing a door bell.

He even went further by hoisting his torso above the chin-up bar and held that position for minutes, much to the astonishment of his classmates who must have thought he takes a different brand of Kellogs each morning!

Liam’s Super Power

After a number of check ups and tests, Liam Hoekstra was diagnosed with a rare genetic myostatin-related condition called Muscle hypertrophy.

This is a condition where the body builds muscle fast while inhibiting body fat.

Even when he was only 3 years old, Liam had 40% body muscle and minimal fat, quite a rare case for a boy his age.

And to make all you gym fanatics envious, young Liam can gorge on more ice cream and KFC chicken wings without ever worrying about looking chubby.

The kid has superior strength and speed to other boys his age and is wired to excel in any muscle-related activity you can put him in.

Literally, Liam Hoekstra has enough strength to comfortably lift relatively heavy dumbbells without as much as a quickening of breath, pull rapid sit-ups while hanging upside down or lift furniture around the house.

His skeletal structure and muscle mass grow rapidly fast without any damage to the heart or any recorded side effects on his body.

If he wanted, young Liam could sit on the sofa all day munching potato chips while watching his favorite Nickelodeon series and his body would continue to be naturally ripped. How cool is that!

What is he up to now?

He is having fun playing hockey for the Muskegon Chiefs Squirt B team, and of course just being a kid!

In February of 2015 Liam won his division in the annual punchki eating contest at his local church.

If you would like to keep up with Liam and see what he is currently up to the best way is to check out his Facebook page.

What can we Learn from Liam’s Story?

Well you may never move like flash, tear up iron doors like hulk or stop a bullet like superman, however Liam’s story can help you believe in the impossible.

And metaphorically, the smallest of people can do great things on this planet as well.

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