Nina Kulagina - Telekinetic - Super Human Number 4

Nina Kulagina was a Russian psychic reported to have superhuman mind powers

We are not completely convinced that she had real powers as it is more likely that she was a master of trickery. Have a read through the article and let us know what you think.

She was born on July 30, 1926.

Early Life

Nina joined the Red Army when she was just 14, as part of the tank regiment.

According to Nina she was always aware of her mind powers.

By the time her reported psychic abilities were investigated she was already a housewife.

Nina Kulagina

Several silent black and white films of her practicing her craft were produced during the Cold War. According to sources these films were made under controlled conditions for the Soviet authorities.

She spent a lot of time sewing, particularly after a nervous breakdown which she suffered in 1964.

There were many studies done on her over the last 20 years of her life.

She had another identity as well. Due to the amazing results of the experiments performed on her by Russian scientists, they gave her another identity to keep her hidden from the rest of the world.

She was also known as Nelya Mikhailova.

Life cannot have been easy for Nina. There were plenty of skeptics who did not believe in the results of the experiments.

Nina Kulagina’s Super Power

Telekinesis - Nina could apparently, with the power of her mind move physical objects.

Legend has it that she could also could do the following

  • Identify the diseases of sick folk that she encountered
  • Heal sick people (Healing powers)
  • See images in peoples pockets
  • See colors with her finger tips

You might be saying to yourself “How the heck does someone see colors with their fingertips?” and that is a very good question.

Legend has it that Nina, being an avid sewer, would put her hand into her sewing basket and select the color of thread that she wanted, without looking.

She didn’t need to look because her fingers could detect the color of the thread.

What is Nina Kulagina currently doing?

She died in 1990, apparently her psychic abilities took a lot out of her physically and she was often left exhausted after demonstrating her powers.

What can we learn from Nina Kulagina?

Nina appears to be one of the few in history that managed to convince scientists and even some skeptics that Telekinesis is possible.

Astounding claims however require astounding evidence. In a case like this it is upon the person claiming to have such a power to prove beyond all doubt that it is real.

What we generally see is other parties trying to prove the powers are not real.

Genetic or Learned Super Power?

As we mentioned earlier in the article Nina claimed that she was always aware of a power inside her, so with that in mind we have to say that if her powers were real they must have been a result of genetics.

What do you think? Super power or super hoax?

Links and Videos

Nina showing her mental powers

Nina’s Wikipedia Page

Note: The image is sourced from the public domain

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