Proof of Telekinesis

Have you ever wondered if there is in fact, any existing proof of telekinesis?

For years humans have entertained the idea of moving objects with the mind.

It’s impossible to prove that telekinesis does not exist, although that in itself does not prove that it does exist.

There have been many studies over the years but none have proved beyond reasonable doubt the existence of telekinesis.

Studies that have been done on Telekinesis

Some of the more famous studies done on Telekinesis include those of the late Joseph Banks Rhine.

Joseph had some very interesting results with some of the people that he tested, however his experiments have never been able to be duplicated and various skeptics have pointed out different flaws in his way of testing the individuals concerned.

Proof of Telekinesis

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Best ways to practice Telekinesis

There are a couple of methods you can use at home to both practice and prove the existence of your powers.

These are two exercises that are suitable for beginners.

Remember it may not be easy at first. Imagine a muscle that has never been used and now is asked to lift an object. You must train it first and these below techniques will help you.

The Pen Roll

In the pen roll experiment you need to find a very level surface and a round pen that has the ability to roll very easily.

You should be able to blow it and that should be enough to set the pen in motion.

You can then concentrate your mental powers on this pen and attempt to make it roll one way or another according to your will.

The Telekinesis Dice Roll Method

In this experiment you roll the dice 100 times, willing it to be one certain number the entire time.

Can you influence the outcome of the dice roll?

I tried this myself willing myself to roll a number four and was surprised by my results. I have only tried this once, I plan to try it again with different numbers and will record the outcome.

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I rolled the number I was thinking of 25% of the time, and higher than any of the other numbers. If all things averaged out it would be around 16% of the throws. What explains this almost 10% increase on the one number I was focusing on and thinking about? Coincidence or not?

I will try with other numbers and see if I can repeat these results.

Perhaps just beginners luck.

Please share you own results with us, are you amazed by the will you can exert with your mind or are you convinced there is no such thing?

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