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I practiced running like a monkey every day. - Ito Kenichi

Ito Kenichi was born 8 May 1982 in Tokyo.

After a childhood where he was teased for looking like a monkey, and was sometimes even called a monkey, Ito Kenichi decided to take matters into his own hands.

By Rushenb (Flickr)  via Wikimedia Commons

By Rushenb (Flickr) via Wikimedia Commons

His goal was to take on a monkey trait. When he saw a fast running monkey one day he suddenly knew what he wanted to do with his life - replicate the running style of our primate cousins.

What is his Superpower?

Ito Kenichi is the fastest human on four legs.

The amazing Japanese athlete has proven, after years of studying Africa’s wiry Patas monkeys, that mankind can accurately replicate the running traits of other animals.

On the 6th November 2015, at Komazawa Olympic Park, Tokyo, The Guiness World Record holder ran 100 meters on all fours, with the amazing time of 15.71 seconds.

He continues to study animals on the internet for inspiration and also has a season ticket to his local zoo. So far he has developed 6 distinct ways of moving around on all fours, with the most famous one being of course his high speed gallop.

Ito has been through some dark times. Imagine working for years and years of your life to achieve something, only to have it whipped away from you. This is what happened to Ito when in 2014 Katsumi Tamakoshi came from out of nowhere and took the world record from Ito.

Guinness World Records Day 2014 - Fastest 100m on All Fours (Katsumi Tamakoshi)

Now watch below the video of Ito regaining his world record late in 2015. You will see the emotional effect the win has on him - it clearly means so much.

Fastest 100 m running on all fours - Guinness World Records

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