Natasha Demkina - Superhuman Number 26 - X-Ray Eyes

As long as I am breathing, in my eyes, I am just beginning.― Criss Jami

Natasha Demkina is convinced that she has x-ray vision and can see right into peoples bodies.

This is normally the stuff of movies, and comic books.

In this article we will describe these powers, and show you some videos. Then it will be up to you to decide whether or not you are a believer.

History of Natasha Demkina

Natasha Nikolayevna Demkina was born in 1987, Saransk, Western Russia.

Natasha lived a normal childhood with nothing seemingly out of the ordinary, until the age of ten when her special powers began to manifest.

This appeared to happen, strangely enough after an operation to remove her appendix.

Image: flickr

Image: flickr

What Is Natasha Demkina’s Superpower?

Natasha claims to be able to see right into human bodies, like a pair of x-ray eyes.

She tells how when using her medical vision, shes sees the body as a colorful picture and can pick up on all sorts of medical issues.

Of course if you want to be scanned by Natasha’s x-ray eyes there is a price to pay.

Reportedly $13 a reading, which amounts to thousands of dollars a month in a town where the average income is extremely low.

It has to be said she has had remarkable success however did miss a couple of key observations when brought over to the USA for tests.

One of the key things she failed to observe, when tested was a metal plate in a mans head.

There are two ways you can look at this though, maybe her gift is to identify sickness, not necessarily identify foreign objects surgically implanted in someones body.

Or maybe she makes it all up.

I am not personally convinced that Natasha has a super power, but I do know that there is so much that we don’t know about the world and anything is possible.

This is an extremely tricky power to either prove - or disprove.

When she treats and examines people, they believe in her, but it could all be in their minds and the way she gets them to steer her in the right direction towards a diagnosis.

Genetic or Learned Power

If we are to believe that her powers do exist then we would have to say that it was a genetic trait.

If she is using a type of mental-ism to convince her patients and believers in her gift, then it is a learned power.

As we have not seen convincing proof of her power we are going to have to say, in this case, that it is learned.

What Can We Learn From Natasha Demkina?

Always stand by your beliefs, and remember that once people were convinced the world was flat, beyond any doubt.

We can learn that even if you speak a different language and are put through tough tests by foreign skeptics, if you believe in yourself and those that you have given hope and help to that nothing else matters.

In another few hundred years mankind will be looking back at our current beliefs and probably be laughing until their sides hurt.

What is she up to Now?

We believe she is back in her homeland pleasing the members of her community with her x-ray diagnoses.

We doubt that it was a very pleasant experience for her upon her visit to the USA.

It is little wonder that not much has been heard about her for a few years now.

Hopefully at some point she will make contact again and perhaps give us another demonstration.

Do you think it is possible that she has x-ray vision?

Videos and Links

Natasha Demkina Wikipedia


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