Dennis Rogers - Hulk Like Strong Man - Superhuman Number 5

Dennis Rogers is known as a real superhuman.

The world’s strongest man shares his feats in the amazing videos you will see below.

Make sure you watch them to understand why this amazing man has captured the attention of millions, around the world.

Early history

Dennis Rogers was born in 1958.

Dennis noticed his strength at a young age when he and his brother were trying to replicate strongmen that they had seen on TV. He was able to repeat the feats with ease.

Dennis had a tough time at school (back in the 70’s), he was less than 80 pounds at the beginning of high school and not only weak, but clumsy as well.

He struggled with believing in himself in the early days, thinking that he was too small and not gifted enough to do anything related to sports.

Who would’ve thought that roll forward 40 years and he is not only a Grand master Strongman but a former World Arm-Wrestling champion!

Image: flickr

Image: flickr

Dennis Roger’s Super Power

Super Strength - Dennis can rip apart phone books with his bare hands, bend horse shoes and roll up frying pans.

With his massive power he has held back airforce jets and harley davidson motorcycles.

What is Dennis Rogers currently doing?

Dennis has a very informative website - you can check it out here. Dennis has seminars and shows going on all the time.

What can we learn from Dennis Rogers

Dennis is super inspirational, he believes that the strength in your hands is core to the strength of your entire body and it does make good sense.

We can also learn from him to not be limited by what the mind thinks. He is a living example that the impossible is possible.

Genetic or Learned Super Power?

The way Dennis uses his muscles seems to be different from the rest of us. However after doing considerable research it does appear that some of what he can do at least can be learned, with plenty of training of course.

Links and Videos

Dennis Rogers Bending a horse shoe

Dennis Rogers breaking out of shackles

Dennis Rogers promo video


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