Intuition in Humans

intuition-humanHave you ever had a gut feeling? Have you ever instinctively done, or not done, something just because it didnt feel right? Most of us have experienced intuition. The question is does it mean anything or is it just random flukes where our mind is playing tricks on us?

Gut Feeling

Many studies of intuition point to the possibility that the sub conscious mind picks up on cues that the conscious mind does not see or even comprehend. First impressions are one example of this, most of us make an immediate impression of someone that we meet and we may not know why. However normally it is made up of small cues that our subconscious mind has picked up on - these form an image of the person instantly in our mind so we base our impression on it.

Personally I am one of the worst at immediately judging people that I meet. I normally meet someone, maybe chat for a bit and gain a powerful impression of whether I really like them, are not sure ,or have already decided I don’t like that person.

I’m in Danger

If you ever get that feeling of danger around a person, make sure you take heed of it, remember our bodies and minds are made up of generations of genetic learning and makeup. We don’t understand the half of it yet, but scientists do know that the right side of the brain picks up on subtle signs that the conscious mind does not even pick up on.

An example of this is maybe someone you have just met cannot look you in the eye, you may or may not pick up on this with your conscious mind, however your subconscious mind is screaming at you to watch out! If you continually ignore these messages they will begin to fade away and you will become one of those people that just doesn’t seem to “get it”.

Don’t ignore what the subconscious tells you

For two long in the western world we have been telling ourselves that our reason and logic are what set us apart and help us to make the best decisions, but as a result of this we have been losing touch with our basic survival instincts and the power of our subconscious minds.

Here at SapienPlus we think we are far from understanding the inner workings of the mind yet, so encourage you to try to keep an open mind and spend time looking within yourself, as well as staying aware of what is around you. Use the conscious mind along with the subconscious in order to make the best balanced choices in your life.

Video Interview with Laura Day on Intuition

Your Intuition Stories

Do you have a story where a hunch or intuition has played a role in your life? Take a moment, please share with us your story!

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