Veronica Seider - Super Vision - Super Human Number 21

Veronica Seider has eyesight that redefines what the human eye is capable of.

While some of us squint to read something across the room, she can literally see for miles.

Early History

Veronica Seider is a super human with extraordinary abilities. She was born in West-Germany in 1951.

She went to school just like any other German child and was later enrolled at Stuttgart University in West Germany.

While still a student, her abilities came to the attention of the general public when her university found out, in 1972, that she had unusual optical abilities.

They claimed that Veronica Seider could see detail as far away as a mile (1.6km) and more!

veronica seider

Veronica Seider’s Super Powers

Her super human eyesight sounds like something from the plot of a movie.

Her eye-sight ability is outstanding and compared with the fact that a normal human can barely see detail from 20 feet away, Veronica can reportedly do the same thing over a mile.

The normal human eye has a visual acuity of 20/20 while Veronica Seider has an acuity of around 20/2.

She is able to distinguish people from that far away (1 mile) and can also gauge their relative distance from her position.

From some simple mathematics, 1 mile (1.6km) is made of 5280 feet which is really a high level of eyesight detail.

Aside from that, Veronica could also be comparable to a telescope because she claims to see the constituent colors that make up color in color television sets.

From biology, we know that color is made of 3 primary colors namely red, green and blue.

We also know that a normal human being is able to see color as a product made by the primary colors being mixed in various proportions,naturally or artificially.

Those unfortunate people that are color blind; do not perceive color at all.

Now, for Veronica Seider, the colors are viewed by their components, red, green or blue.

What is Veronica currently doing?

Despite possessing all these super human abilities, Veronica Seider pursued her professional dream of being a professional dentist in West Germany.

She wanted to live like a normal human being along with her choice of her profession, and her lifestyle. Because of this she has tried to remain anonymous.

What can we learn from Veronica Seider?

From Veronica Seider we can learn a number of life lessons.

  1. Our bodies are capable of extraordinary feats. Super human abilities are not soley confined to movies as we can see Veronica is otherwise a normal person - yet she has extra human abilities.
  2. As humans around the world we should make sure we communicate and work together with those who have a rare ability. Not to treat them as an oddity but to team up with them to explore their gifts more in the interests of our species.
  3. She teaches us that one can lead a normal life whilst being in possession of super-human abilities - she chose to be a dentist though she had such amazing abilities.

Genetic or Learned Super Power?

As no one else in the world has ever had such astounding vision we can only assume that this is some kind of genetic abnormality.

Links And More Information

Veronica, mentioned on the Guiness World Records website

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