Subliminal Messages - Secretly Hidden In Adverts and Movies

What does the movie Lion King have in common with the 2000 US Presidential Campaign? The answer is they both have subliminal messages hidden within.

In this article we will show examples of movies, and advertisements that have used this cunning, yet unproven, technology.

We also share some links to subliminal video and audio if you want to try things yourself.

What exactly are Subliminal Messages?

A subliminal message is a visual or auditory message that is delivered in such a way that it is unable to be picked up by the conscious mind.

Because our unconscious mind is so powerful and adept at collecting information, at some level the information is received.

The whole concept is very interesting because it points to the possibility that ones actions, feelings and thoughts could potentially be influenced by subtle suggestions that are not even perceived.

Subliminal Messages in Advertising

You can imagine the uproar back in the late 50’s when NY market researcher, James Vicary, claimed to be serving subliminal messages at a cinema screening related to coca cola and popcorn.

As a result of that hidden message flashing “Eat Popcorn” and “Drink Coke Cola” every 5 seconds for a fraction of a second throughout the movie, James claimed that sales greatly increased!

Derren Brown makes a subliminal ad

Are Subliminal Messages Effective?

There are two schools of thought on this question.

Those that sell self help products related to subliminal messages will naturally be proponents of the theory.

Generally however psychologists tend to disagree and can point to research that shows the benefit of subliminal messages is, if anything, minimal.

There have been countless experiments done over the years and most show little or no variances in behavior as a result of subliminal advertising or messages.

Subliminal Video Tracks

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Subliminal Messages in Movies

There are a large number of hidden messages in movies, but most of them are what is often called easter eggs. Basically a shout out to the crew, or something funny slipped in by the movie creators.

An example is this scene in the lion king which went viral for a while for what some people thought was the word “SEX”.

According to one of the guys from Pixar, Tom Sito, the letters actually spell out “SFX” - a tribute to the special effects crew.

Hidden Message in Lion King

Hidden Subliminal Messages

There are a number of instances of subliminal messages being shown in this wikipedia article.

The most noteworthy are:

A McDonalds logo appearing briefly during the Food Network’s Iron Chef America series

mcdonalds sublimanl

The movie “Wise Quacking Duck” shows the words “BUY BONDS” in one frame

The 2000 US presidential campaign showed the word “RATS”, alongside frames showing the word “BUREAUCRATS”

Whether these messages actually had any effect or not is debatable.

Recent research, a study by Nilli Lavie of Un­ivers­ity Col­lege Lon­don and col­leagues, suggests that subliminal messages are most effective if they are used in a negative manner.

The conclusion from this study was that highlighting the negative features of a competitors product was more likely to work than trying to seduce the audience with the benefits of your own product.

Subliminal Audio Free Tracks

The best method I have found to find free subliminal audio tracks is via spotify. If you haven’t used spotify before, then you don’t know what you are missing!

You can join for free (if your happy to put up with the occasional advert) and there are numerous Subliminal tracks that you can listen to for free, whether you want to make money while you sleep, be more focused on your relationships, or achieve success in all areas of your life!!

We can’t tell you conclusively whether or not subliminal messages have much of an effect and suggest you experiment on yourself, and let us know if you notice anything positive or negative from your experiences.

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