How to Meditate Like a Tibetan Monk

meditateMeditation is something I only recently started doing, but has now become a daily ritual in my life.

I started meditating after studying the lives of many successful entrepreneurs.

I discovered that many of these entrepreneurs talked about daily meditation as one of the key daily habits they had, that helped contribute to their success.

This article is the one that I wish I had been able to read when I started, simple explanations of how to meditate, and a pile of videos, and links to get started.

Reasons To Meditate Like A Tibetan Monk?

We exercise our bodies without thinking that it is strange, but really, why do we exercise?

We exercise because it makes us feel good, it is good for our bodies, it makes us look better, and can help one live a longer, more active life.

Great, so what does that have to do with meditation? Well meditation is like exercise for your brain/mind.

The benefits of daily meditation have been proven scientifically and include

  • Meditation helps to prevent stress
  • Meditation helps to release accumulated stress
  • Decreases high blood pressure
  • Decreases the levels of blood lactate, lowering the incidents of anxiety attacks
  • Decreases any tension-related pain, such as, muscle and joint problems,ulcers, insomnia,tension headaches
  • Increases the production of serotonin which helps to improve mood
  • Increases the quality of the immune system
  • Increases the energy levels
  • Anxiety lowers
  • Improved Emotional stability
  • Increased Creativity
  • Increased Happiness
  • Intuition develops
  • Better clarity and peace of mind
  • Problems appear to become smaller

Tedtalk on Meditation and Mindfulness - Andy Puddicombe

How do I start Meditating?

There are two main types of meditation that I have discovered to date. Guided and unguided.

Guided is someone talking you through each step, i.e beginning to relax, focusing on your breathing, clearing mind etc.

Unguided is when you are on your own, but may have tranquil noises or at least a beginning and end to help you know where you are at. (assuming you are listening via audio)

To give you a basic guided example, you can find scripts online that you can read through, however I really think that is pointless.

Find an audio recording like the ones in our video section below, or get the headspace app and you will have plenty of beginner level guided meditations on hand for no cost whatsoever.

Meditation Apps for Iphone and Android

I got started with the “Get Some Headspace” app. Its fantastic and you get a ten pack of meditations completely free.

These free ten minute meditations are a fantastic way to dip your toes into the world of meditation, and if you wish to continue, as I did you can subscribe to get more and longer packs as well as a bunch of meditations for certain situations.

The guy behind this app is Andy, from the tedtalk video earlier in this article.

Headspace app for iphone
Headspace app for android

Meditation Videos

10-20 Minute Guided Meditation Videos

Your Meditation Journey

For the first few days when I started upon my own meditation experience I found it quite strange and even boring, however this soon changed.

By the end of the first week or so, I found myself really looking forward to that special time, where I got to clear my mind.

I have tried to make the meditation process part of my daily routine, and have managed to do that to some degree.

One of the key achievements has been the fact that I have managed to meditate more days, than not.

Meditation has been so helpful to me personally, its really been an eye opener and something I really hope you can start to do yourself.

One thing is sure.. you won’t regret it!

Please share your meditation experiences with us.

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