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Have you ever wondered what it must be like to break concrete blocks with your head?

Well please don’t try this at home. Leave it to the Human Anvil.


Gino Martino (real name John Ferraro) was born on November 28th, 1970.

Early history

Best known by his ring name Gino Martino, John Ferraro is an all American professional strongman and wrestler. He has wrestled for a number of organizations including Paulie Gilmore’s New World Wrestling, NWA New England, New England Championship Wrestling, the Millennium Wrestling Federation and Chaotic Wrestling.

He is considered one of the top brawlers in the Northeast of the United States.

Image: flickr

Image: flickr

Gino Martino’s Super Power

The Human Anvil = Gino Martino has a super human skull enabling him to break concrete over his head, he has also had bowling balls dropped onto his skull from a height of 15 feet!

He recently set the Guiness world record for having 45 concrete blocks split over his head!

What is Gino Martino/John Ferraro currently doing?

John has been busy performing and he let us know he has just recently been on Discovery’s Shark week - Shark after Dark!

Additionally in June 2014 The Hammerhead was filmed as a feature on the Record Dei Lo Show (Italia Television).

This will be screening in March 2015!

What can we learn from John?

When we were talking to John we asked him this question..

John, if you could share one special thing, from everything that you have learnt in your life, that could help our readers in theirs - what would it be?

John actually had three things he wanted to share with us, here they are.

The things i learned in life that probably stick with me the most - for me personally would be

Having faith in anyone but yourself is a foolish and costly decision..


You go around once in this life, make it memorable

or his life motto-

Its mind over matter when your out of your mind-it don’t matter!

Genetic or Learned Super Power?

According to doctors this Super Human has a super thick skull. That is not something that can be learned so please don’t try to replicate his achievements.

Links and Videos of John Ferraro

Guinness World Record - Bowling Balls dropped onto John’s Head

Guinness World Record - Most nails hammered in with head

Note: Not for the faint hearted watching this!

Gino Martino Promo Video

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