Miroslaw Magola - Magnetic Man - Super Human Number 2

Watching Miroslaw Magola stick things to his skin is both fascinating, and a little bit creepy.

Once you have seen him perform a few times you will realize that this is a man that is absolutely passionate about what he does.

Occasionally when demonstrating his amazing talents, things may not always work perfectly for the Magnetic Man.

This is when you start to realize you are not watching a rehearsed stage act.

Early history

Miroslaw was born on May 29th, 1958 in Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland. He was the younger of 3 children. Unfortunately at the age of only 2 he was left fatherless after his father died in a motorcycle accident.

Image: Wikimedia

Image: Wikimedia

He spent his youth in a small town and developed an interest in humanistic studies alongside religions. He also became active in the political arena - his ideas were the opposite of the Soviet policies of the time.

Miroslaw travelled the world following his interests in ancient cultures, religions and philosophy. By the time 1992 came to pass he had an avid interest in psycho kinesis and unlocking the secrets of the mind.

Miroslaw’s ongoing feud with the James Randi Foundation

In an email to our office Miroslaw talked about his issues with James Randi. This is what Miroslaw states (slightly edited as his English is not very good)

I no longer care about Mr. James Randi because he does not help develop for the future.

I think he knows now that he made a mistake calling me a cheat, fraud etc ….because he deleted his document from 2004 from his SWIFT series , the weekly commentary and left only the document from 2008.

Secondly some of his closest friends met me in a live program TF1 France television “La Soirée de L’étrange” and at the Max Planck Institute Germany where I showed my presentation for some scientists.

But some of his skeptics friends who never meet me : wiki user Kleuske , Moye from Huffington Post and so forth, try through media influence to discredit my abilities.

I say anything I have done in public, whether on stage, on television or YouTube, I am ready to repeat in Live TV programme to prove to any skeptics that I am not a fake.

If I have this millon dollars I will promote more magnetic people movement with a brain research programm to develop new achievements of modern technology.

Miroslaw appears to have a genuine and unusual power - we hope that the James Randi Institute can actually conduct a test on him, instead of just talking and discrediting him.

One thing mentioned which I would also be curious about would be to see whether Miroslaw could actually draw something to his skin without it touching first. I.e is there some kind of attraction in his skin itself or is a true energy that is beamed from his body?

Miroslaw Magola’s Super Power

The Magnetic Man - Miroslaw can, with the power of his mind create a magnetic field that can attract metallic objects to his body.

What is Miroslaw Magola currently doing?

We can see from Miroslaw’s Google Plus page https://plus.google.com/+MiroslawMagola/posts that he is busy trying to prove to skeptics that he is the real deal.

What can we learn from Miroslaw Magola?

From his own words, feel the pain of Miroslaw as he addresses his many critics.

Modern times are considered an age of rationality. As far as the Western, so-called First World is concerned, there’s only little margin left (if any) for non-scientific approaches like faith, belief, or the supernatural.

Genetic or Learned Super Power?
Roll back the clock to late last century in 1988. Miroslaw believed that he was not using his brain to anything near it’s full potential. After experiments with psychokinesis, meditation and yoga he discovered that objects, mainly metallic began sticking to his skin.

So we have to say that Miroslaw’s power can be learned.

Links and Videos

Miroslaw showing his magnetic powers

Miroslaw Magola doing a show

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