Derek Paravicini - Human Orchestra - Super Human Number 11

FTR-JGL-PARAVICINI-030609-17.jpgDerek Paravicini is a musical prodigy.

When you watch him belt out a tune on the piano, you will notice how completely at ease and relaxed he is.

For Derek the piano is like an extension of his soul.


Derek Paravicini was born on the 26th July 1979


Derek became blind as a result of oxygen therapy given to him in intensive care after he was born extremely prematurely.

He was first introduced to the piano by his nanny at the tender age of two, and after lessons and a few years of practice made his first concert in South London at the age of seven!

Derek playing the Avalon Blues

Derek Paravicini’s Super Power

Human Orchestra - Derek is known for his amazing musical talents. He can listen to a piece of music one time, and then play it perfectly.

He has perfect pitch, which is the rare ability to recreate a sound once heard, perfectly the first time. (for the rest of us that don’t have this rare gift we need to listen to other tones as references before eventually stumbling upon the right sound)

The Musical Genius: Derek Paravicini

What is Derek Paravicini currently doing?

According to his blog Derek has an event coming up on Sunday the 23rd of November 2014. It is a charity event with the proceeds going to the Amber Trust which helps blind and partially sighted children get access to music.

What can we learn from Derek?

Derek shows us that there is still so little we know about the power of the human mind.

We asked Derek if our website visitors could learn one thing from him, in regards to everything he has found out about himself over his lifetime, what would he tell them?

Music is the best thing in my life.

Genetic or Learned Super Power?

Derek is a rare and talented Savant. We do not think that the average human is capable of what Derek can do, even if they trained for all of their lives. Due to his other senses developing far beyond the norm, he has unlocked something that the rest of us cannot yet unlock.

We asked Derek if he believed his special power is genetic, or did he think others could learn to do what he does with the right training?

Being good at music needs lots of hard work

From his answers to our questions and the fact that music is everything to him, he is letting us know that all of us can become extra special with a talent if we dedicate ourselves to it. To us it seems amazing what he does, but he has in fact devoted his life to perfecting his craft.

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