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Aaron Evans of Milwaukee has an amazing talent that made him an easy choice when it came to including him in our superhuman archives.

He has a passion for vaulting, and a passion for seeking adrenaline rushes.

These traits have helped drive him to set the Guinness world record for the fastest to jump in excess of three moving cars

When someone does a trick or a stunt, that would likely kill them if they misjudged it a little bit, it shows that they are either completely raving mad - or, and this is what we think the case is here, they have amazing confidence in themselves.

Image: flickr

Image: flickr

Early History

Aaron Evans is currently in his late twenties.

Evans says his tumbling profession was initially launched when he was only five years of age, and this came about after watching a Bruce Lee film.

In the movie, Lee runs up a divider and does a reverse somersault, landing on his feet.

Evans says he went out into his mother’s northwest side lawn that day, attempted the trick, and succeeded on the first attempt!

He kept up the self-trained tricks through the center of school, and recalls teachers showing concerns when he and his friends were performing acrobatic deeds on concrete.

Evans’ dedication and work ethic has been a test for him.

He went to eight separate schools in his pre-secondary and secondary school years.

From age 17 to 19, after his mother could not help him home any longer and he went to live in his car - a 1966 Buick LeSabre.

At the time, Evans pet iguana was his companion and his diet consisted primarily of ramen noodles!

He finally graduated at age 20 from the Kilmer South Option secondary school on the south side.

Throughout the years, he has had a series of occupations, including working at McDonald’s and KFC restaurants.

He also served as a tattoo artisan in a studio on N. Teutonia Ave.

Nowadays, he acquires his cash from aerobatic performances which he gives at Wamser’s old exercise center, now run by the Milwaukee Turners.

Evan’s also earns a bit of cash by doing electronic repairs out of his home.

CRAZY Talented Gymnast Aaron Evans

What Is His Superpower?

The fearless gymnastic specialist runs towards a car going at 30mph and somersaults directly over it.

Evans has jumped into the record books by jumping over three moving cars quicker than any human ever.

He entered the Guinness Book of World Records, with a time of just over 29 seconds, for that astounding feat.

He has managed to receive hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube for some of the astounding daredevil tricks he does.

He even showed up in Stan Lee’s Super humans on the History Channel where he was nicknamed ‘The Spring.’. The show actually inquired as to whether he was the best jumper on the planet.

Kris O’Çonner, from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee studied Aaron on Stan Lee’s show and said that although there were others that could jump as high as Evan’s, it was his cat like spatial ability that sets him apart from the rest of mankind.

What can we Learn from Him?

Evans is not much of talker. He prefers his moves to do all the talking.

However, he advises people out there not to automatically think that they can do what he does.

This doesn’t mean that his putting anyone down, but rather everybody that everyone has their own abilities, and he has found his.

Genetic Or Learned SuperPower?

We believe that Aaron Evans has harnessed powers that are inside all of us. He is not any more genetically gifted than other great athletes.

What makes him special is his unfaltering nerve and ability to judge speed, time and space.

What is he Currently Doing?

He is not getting rich yet out of his car-jumping trick; however, Chinese TV makers, who are additionally joined with the overall Guinness association, are paying him some cash notwithstanding travel and lodging costs for him to participate in a tour of China.

Then he plans to take a trip to New York City, where Evans has captivated specialists with his amazing abilities and stunts.

From there he plans to take an excursion to Italy, where an alternative Guinness-related TV show wants him to perform.

Further, ahead, Evans would like to expand his reality record to hopping four automobiles, and afterward five.

Past that, he says, he longs to start his own tumbling studio, along the lines of Wamser’s, and helping children like himself be dynamic and stand out.

He would also consider a suitable role in a film, if that opportunity was ever to come his way.

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