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Claudio Pinto doesn’t look like a superhuman at first glance, however he has a special talent, one that he describes as “God given”.


Claudio Pinto was born in Brazil Rio De Janeiro some 54 years ago.

Early History Of Claudio Pinto

He is a former driver who changed careers when he realized he could make money with his God-given abilities.

At one point Pinto was employed to scare visitors in a haunted house, although he was laid off and has since focused on increasing his abilities.

He seeks global recognition for his talent and is ranked first in Brazil.

What Is His Superpower?

At first we thought Claudio must have been given a major fright as a child! He certainly brings to life that saying “it will make your eyes pop out of your head”!

Claudio Pinto is able to pop his eyes out of their sockets and extend his globes up to 7 millimeters past the sockets which is about 95% of the eyeball.

Eye popping is considered by doctors to be a product of luxation of eye sockets which allows one to pop a considerable percentage of their eyeballs off its socket.

While the condition does not cause any lasting damage, it can strain blood vessels and cause limited distress.

Pinto says he can remember popping his eyes as young as nine years and has been doing it often without experiencing any pain.

What’s amazing is that no one can see the difference or any strange eye size until he decides to force them off the socket. He also testifies to feeling nothing other than comfort when popping his eyes.

The world record for eye popping is held by Chicago’s Kim Goodman who is able to stretch her globes up to twelve millimeters out of her sockets!

Video Of Kim Goodman Popping Her Eyes

The first time he came to the idea of making money was after being measured by an ophthalmologist. Pinto’s abilities have enormously improved by about 50% and he can now pop the eyes much further than he initially did.

Although Claudio Pinto is not the only man with this extreme ability, not many people who try it have been successful.

In fact, there are cases where the eyelids collapse behind the eyeball trapping them outside and causing great distress.

However, Pinto’s case is quite interesting and he feels no distress at all, even when popping out 95% of his eyes off the socket.

What Is He Currently Doing?

Pinto is now eying the Guinness World Record as he looks to “out pop” Kim Goodman and spread more than twelve millimeters.

His eye popping ability is quite rare, especially since he makes it seem very simple. As he puts it, “It is an easy way to make money.”

Genetic Or Learned Super Power

We would have to say that Claudio has some kind of genetic advantage when it comes to popping out his eyes.


Eye-popping or globe luxation may not be a new phenomenon but is still only achievable by a few number of people. As a matter of fact, Pinto is only the second known individual who can push the eyes over 0.4 inches off their socket.

With the tremendous rate at which his abilities are improving, fans can only wait to see whether he can match or even break the world record.

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