Zhou Ting-Jue - Grand Master - Super Human 19

Grand Master Zhou has what appears to be an amazing healing power.


Zhou Ting-Jue was born in 1934.


Known in his birthplace of mainland China as a “Jewel of the Nation” Grand Master Zhou is 18th Generation Wu Dang Lineage.

GrandMaster Zhou has been on various TV shows over the years displaying his amazing abilities.

His special gifts have been verified by both medical and scientific research countless times.

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

GrandMaster Zhou Super Powers

Master Zhou has the power of healing, and he can generate heat up to 202 degrees Fahrenheit from his hands, proven by thermal cameras.

Aside from those remarkable skills he can also has the amazing ability to support his entire body weight upon a sheet of paper.

He is very fit and healthy for his age.

That’s Incredible - Master Zhou

What is Zhou Ting-Jue currently doing?

Late in 2014 Master Zhou hosted a once in a lifetime journey to some of the sacred sites of China, where one could immerse themselves in his teachings and watch his amazing demonstrations first hand.

He has a number of classes that he teaches, these take up a great deal of time.

What can we learn from Master Zhou?

If you believe and trust in your inner power - you can heal the sick.

By harnessing and focusing the power of your mind, you can protect your body.

Age is only a number, just because you are 80 years old doesn’t mean that you need to be in your rocking chair watching the world go by.

Genetic or Learned Super Power?

It seems that Master Zhou’s special gifts can be attributed to his lifetime of training in the skills and arts of Qigong.

Criticism of his Power

There is a section of people that believe he is a fake.

They say that there are chemicals added to the water, that is used, when demonstrating his power.

This reacts with the tinfoil that Zhou also uses, causing the steam like reaction that is observed.

These theories have never been proven.

Real Qigong Defies Scientific and Medical Thinking - Master Zhou Ting-Jue

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