Humans With Real SuperPowers - The Four Types We discovered

Each of the world’s real superhumans has their own unique story.

After we studied more than 60 of them it became apparent that some of those stories have similarities.

We discovered that many of them fit into one of four areas:

Superhuman Talents by way of Birth

Savants show us that there is a lot more to the human mind than what is traditionally considered the norm.

Image: flickr

Image: flickr

The more we learn about the astounding savants of this world the more we discover about the human race.

It could well be that savants are the missing link between what we are, and what we are truly capable of being if we can learn to unlock the potential of our minds.

Some of our savants:

Superhuman Traits after an Accident

There is a unique and special group of superhumans that came upon their power after some kind of physical injury. Often a knock to the head.

These are what we call acquired savants.

Check out these amazing men:

Now don’t think it’s as easy as knocking yourself on the head with a baseball bat - these are extremely rare occurrences.

Superhuman Skills from Disability

Often those that are born deaf, or blind will find that their other senses become heightened which helps compensate for what is missing.

Image: flickr

Image: flickr

This can can result in superhuman like powers

Superhuman Powers Gained from Persistence and Hard Work

There is a saying that goes “The harder I work, the luckier I get”.

The same thing applies to a core group of superhumans that got there because of persistence and hard work.

These amazing folk were not born with a microchip brain, nor had to cope with any kind of disability. They had the yearning to do something better than anyone else.

When you see them in action it may look like it has come easily to them, however it is what we don’t see that hides the incredible amount of practice, determination and sheer will power that these folk possess.

The following superhumans are examples of those that fall into this category:

How Can You Become A Superhuman?

Real superhumans are rare to find. The reality is however, that anyone can become extraordinary at something.

Firstly you need a dream, and secondly you need desire.

Sadly, it has become normal to be lazy and undisciplined. If you want to be something other than just another person the path becomes clear.

Do the work.

Practice incomparably.

Accept nothing short of perfection.

That is how you will need to approach life if you want to become superhuman.

Are you ready for it?

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