Ron White - Super Memory - Super Human Number 9

Ron White is a man that became Superhuman, without being born that way.

No easy feat.

To do that and then dedicate your life to the fallen heroes of America is something truly special and unique.


Ron White was born in 1973


Ron started training his memory when he was 18 years old. As Ron is now 43 he has been fine tuning his craft for over 20 years.

He was not what you would call a college superstar as he admits to being kicked out of college altogether!

Ron told us that he went to the University of North Texas but was kicked out of school with a 0.9 GPA. He went on to describe the problem was that he didn’t go to classes - not a bad memory!

He then began work for a memory company that taught him the memory system (they are no longer in business). He learned it and then at the age of 19 started his own company.

He enlisted in the Navy after 9-11-01 and was a reservist. In 2007 he completed a tour in Afghanistan.

Image: flickr

Image: flickr

Ron White’s Super Power

Memory Man - Ron White is undoubtedly the number one memory man in the USA and one of a select few in the world.

What is Ron White currently doing?

We reached out to Ron and asked him what he was currently up to. Here is what he had to say.

Currently my project is as a veteran of the war in Afghanistan I memorized all the fallen heroes (2,300).

I memorized their rank, 1st name and last name. It is 7,000 words and took me 10 months to memorize.

I travel the USA writing the names from memory and it takes me 10 hours to write out. Here is the info

Wow! What an amazing and special thing to be doing. Ron is a real stand up guy and obviously a proud American.

What can we learn from Ron White?

Ron tells us that anyone can improve their memory if they use the system he uses. The benefits of it vary from person to person. Maybe it’s:

  • remembering names and faces
  • giving speeches without notes
  • memorizing chapters of books
  • students improving grades
  • remembering what you learn at seminars
  • memorizing poems or quotes
  • memorizing religious texts
  • having a healthy brain as you age

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Genetic or Learned Super Power?

Memory is all about filing things properly and recalling them later on. We all have a bunch of stuff stored in our brains, however guys like Ron White have figured out the best ways of storing and retrieving this information.

When we asked Ron about this he told us that he doesn’t really have memory superpowers in the sense that he wasn’t born with any. It is something he developed, not a born ability. That means anyone can do it. From what he tells us we believe this super power can be learnt.

Links and Videos of Memory Man Ron White

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This is Ron on the number 1 morning show in America. Fox and Friends

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