Guy Bavli - Telekinetic - Super Human Number 3

Watching Guy Bavli bend a spoon or move an object with his mind can be a little disturbing.

Most magicians when they do this kind of thing, well you know that it’s all a show, however in Guy Bavli’s case he tells everyone it is real.

Guy Bavli was born on August 24, 1971.

Early history
Guy was born in Israel, however in 2002 he moved to the US.

After the divorce of his parents, and an experience with obesity as a child Bavli became fascinated by illusions and mentalism.

Thanks to the early beginnings in show business, from the age of thirteen he was already opening acts for artists in Israel.

He was known then as “Wonder Kid”.

One of his amazing accomplishments was when, in 1996, he successfully predicted the election results in Israel!

Image: flickr

Image: flickr

Guy Bavli’s Super Power
Telekinesis - Guy can apparently, with the power of his mind move physical objects.

Watch in this video how he bends a spoon right in front of astonished journalist Dayna Devon. This was done on live TV.

Guy Bending A Spoon On TV

What is Guy Bavli currently doing?
He continues doing his regular shows Master of the Mind and Lets Go Mental.

What can we learn from Guy Bavli?
From his own words..

If I could leave you with one thought, Find a place in your heart to love someone, and if your heart is big (which I am sure it is) then love everyone. Love is your sixth sense and the essence of every sense!

Genetic or Learned Super Power?
The more and more I have researched about Guy, the more I am convinced that rather than having super powers, he is a super magician and illusionist. With this in mind we have to say that Guy Bavli’s power can be learned.

Links and Videos

Guy Bavli’s Facebook Page

Official Website

Guy showing his mental powers


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