Is There Proof That Parallel Universes Exist? - The Split Slit Theory Had Me Convinced.

parallel universesThe problem with providing proof of parallel universes is that it is infinitely difficult to prove that they don’t exist.

In this article we will touch on quantum mechanics, look at how consciousness creates reality, and attempt to answer some very difficult questions!

Once you accept that a black hole can curve space and time, and of course realize that no one really understands quantum theory and nor does it actually quite work, then it’s OK just to shrug and say “Sure, why not?” when someone mentions multiverses, or parallel universes.

The Double Slit Experiment

When I initially saw this experiment I was astounded. This more than anything I have seen, at least at face value, appears to support the theories around parallel universes and infinite possibilities and outcomes.

Dr Quantum - Double Slit Experiment

So to sum up this experiment, if the particles were measured when they went through the slits they behaved like particles, if they were not measured until the destination then they behaved as waves, even if just a single particle!

The Quantum Conspiracy: What Popularizers of QM Don’t Want You to Know

But what does it all mean? This is the part that really has me confused, although I get that consciousness seems to have some kind of say of the reality witnessed, how can I apply that to my life, or should I even be concerned that the world is not anything like what I ever imagined?

It seems like we are in some way programmed to create our reality in the way we “think” it should be.

From birth we are programmed into a manner that depicts how everything should unravel, most of us go to school, get a job, get married and have children. That is the norm and expectation.

If we then realize that all of that is possibly just our imagination making it happen, the possibilities are endless.

This is why the law of attraction, and the buzz about “creating your own reality” are starting to become more and more accepted by the masses.

Does this mean that death does not exist? Some scientists believe so e.g Professor Robert Lanza who claims the theory of biocentrism shows us that it is only our consciousness that creates death.

So.. Does This Prove That There are Mulitple or Parallel Universes?

It does and it doesn’t.. nothing is ever straight forward when it comes to investigating the unproven. I liked this article, which tried to answer the question..

I would like to know how parallel universe advocates use the double slit experiment of firing photons through the slits results in validation of a parallel universe model. Could you explain and elaborate?

Well you can’t really ask a clearer question than the above, its what was on my mind as well, so I read with interest. It is a great article but still didn’t leave me with that feeling that I had the answers I was seeking.

Everything I have looked at so far tends to point to the fact that there is a definite possibility that parallel universes not only exist, but are right now all around us brimming with possibilites and choices not taken.

However, I find it very hard to prove, so I then decided to try to find an experiment that could perhaps prove or disprove the theory.

I found this experiment that looks like it could be reproducable.

Does it in itself prove that there are multiple universes? Well not really but it will help to prove to me that the physics claims made are in fact true (in my reality at least!).

Could Parallel Universes Leak?

Another question I found myself asking was about leakage. Is it possible for example to surf across into another universe for a couple of days/hours/minutes and then curve back into your current one with nothing lost?

What would a parallel universe even look like? Would it be like this one, along with infinite others all based on decisions we made, or didnt? Really? That is so mind boggling that I can’t even begin to comprehend it on any infinite scale.

Summary and Conclusion

What I do understand is that we potentially live in a world of infinite universes, where our reality is created not by our pasts, nor by our actions, but by our consciousness. And that is something that is going to take quite some time to sink in.

For myself I will try to create a universe that I want to live in! You of course have the infinite power to create yours. Remember always..

Perception is reality

Even Albert Einstein struggled with the whole perception and reality issue, hence his now famous quote..

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

Even as we today, in the next century, struggle to understand quantum mechanics and particle theory so did Albert Einstein.

With that in mind, I can be less concerned that I don’t really understand it all.. yet.

If we accept the word infinite though, then everything, and anything, is possible!

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