Asha Rani - Iron Queen - Superhuman 68

Popularly dubbed as India’s Iron Queen, 25-year old Asha Rani was born in 1991 in India before moving to the UK with her parents in the early 2000s.

Asha was first thrust into the global limelight when she managed to lift over 5 stone (31kg) using only the strength of her ears in Leicester back in 2013.



Her Superhuman Abilities

More than just an incredibly strong woman, Asha Rani has a set of superhuman abilities that has dazed millions of her fans over the past three years. These include;

1. Phenomenal Strength in Her Ears

This might sound far-fetched but Asha Rani first gained the world’s attention by lifting close to 5 stones using her ears alone in Leicester during the annual national competition dubbed, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.

In the same fete, she also lifted one of the show’s presiding judges off her chair in a bizzarre show of supernatural ear muscle strength. The daring and unconventional gesture left many toungues wagging and shocked the audience that had gathered to watch the duel.

This also ushered her into the Guiness World Book of Records where she has dominated since then.

Later in the same year, Rani used her pair of ears only to haul a 1700 kg van packed Leicestershire, UK for a few meters.

Asha lifting a model off the ground with her ears

2. Incredible Strong Hair

Asha Rani currently holds 8 world records that depict her unconventional and impressive weightlifting.

In early 2014, Rani pulled a double decker bus weighing almost a ton with her hair draped accross her neck.

This was a another feather in her crown which currently holds the world record of lifting 55kg with only two plaits of hair.

She has also demonstrated her extraordinarly strong hair in more separated occasion in England. For instance, in 2015, she towed a 750-kg car for almost 40 meters using the braids of her hair.

3. Extraordinarily Strong Eye Sockets

Asha Rani has in the past dared a couple of breathtakingly unbeliveable stunts using her sockets. For example, she can easily lift 15 kg weights with her sockets and without the aid of her hands or legs. And not just that, she typically lifts the weight over 15cm clear of the ground for more than 5 seconds.

Still on this, Asha, who is a pretege of the leicester-based strongman Mr. Manjit Singh, proved her record-breaking and superhuman strengh in 2015 by towing around a SMART cab using her eyelids and sockets.

4. Superbly Strong Jaws and Teeth

Asha Rani currently holds the world record for fastest towing of a stationary road vehicle by a female using her teeth. This she did in Punjab, India in 2014 when she pulled a car using her jaws and teeth for over 25 meters for 22.16 seconds.

What Can We learn From Her?

Asha Rani is the living proof that anything is possible as long as we believe in our abilities and strive for excellence in every way possible.

Having arisen from nowhere to stardom, she is a proof that all you need to be the best is an unwavering dedication to whatever you set your mind to do.

What is she Currently Doing?

Other than cementing her legacy by attempting even bigger challenges, Asha Rani is currently involved in giving back to the society ( India ) through charity and self-help organizations.

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