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One day I had a dream about meeting god. - Akiane Kramarik

Akiane Kramarik does not look like your typical superhuman.

She doesn’t have bulging muscles, she cannot do front flips over moving cars.

If you walked past her down the street you might not realize you had just seen one of the most amazing artists in the world.

Image: flickr

Image: flickr

Her Early Life

Akiane Kramarik born in July 9th 1994 is a world famous artist and poet, most famous for her painting, Prince of Peace.

Even though she was born to atheist parent’s, Akiane never questioned the existence in God and never let her faith falter even for one moment.

She was given birth to in an underwater procedure, by a shack near the cornfield in the rural interior parts of Illinois and grew up devoid of friends, relatives, money, radio, television. She recounts her early childhood days to consist of long simple walks in the vast expanse of nature, hands on explorations of knowledge and deep intense open conversations.

Her mother is an immigrant Lithuanian Educator and her father is a chef from the city of Chicago. Her early life did not consist of prayers, religious discussions and absolutely no visits to the church. However, suddenly, Akiane started to talk about god.

At the tender age of three, she started to experience colorful and vivid dreams and visions about heaven and described the love of Jesus. Her parents soon realized that Akiane had supernatural powers.

What is her Superpower?

According to her parents, Akiane Kramarik was found once staring into blank space at the age of three. When she was asked, what it is that she was doing, she just smiled and said that she was with God.

She said, that, “I was with God again. “ And he asked me to continually pray to him. She says that in her visions, God showed her where he lives. She recounts climbing beautiful transparent stairs and seeing massive gushing waterfalls beneath.

She says, “When I approached God, His body was an intense and pure light. “ In this vision she accounts a message given to her by God, which was, “ He said, you have to do this, and I’ll help you. Now you can help people. “She claims to speak telepathically with God in her visions.

How Akiane started to Paint

She says that she kept most of her spiritual experiences a secret, so that she does not overwhelm her concerned parents. However, at a very tender and nubile age, God had planted the desire in her spirit to articulate her divine and awe inspiring visions and dreams into art form.

She say,” When I was four, I started experiencing vivid dreams and visions involving different dimensions, “and this is when she had a deep desire to express this via art. Initially she used whatever medium she could find, such as lipstick, fruits, pencils, charcoals, candles and vegetables.

However, at the nubile age of eight, she decided, that she wanted to exclusively paint the pictures of Jesus dependent on her visions.

She desperately searched for a person to be the model for the painting, and after days of praying, a mysterious carpenter finally showed up at their door, looking for some work. Akiane took one look at the man’s face and decided that he was the one.

In utter humility, the man said that he was not worthy to represent the face of the Master, however he reluctantly agreed.

The Prince of Peace

The prince of peace was Akiane’s most famous painting and was done by her only at the young age of eight.

She says, it was truly a painstaking effort and the painting took her a total of forty hours to paint and a total of 20 hours of working with the model sketching aspect of the Prince of Peace painting.

She says she uses light shadows to depict truth in the light side of his face and suffering in the dark side.

What we can Learn from Her

Akiane says that her discovery of God was by herself. She says she does not belong to any denomination or sect, she says that she belongs to God.

Akiane has studied Buddhism, Catholicism and Christianity; however she says that she is the same person that she was at 4 years old.

Instead of fighting religious and spiritual battles, we must all be like Akiane Kramarik and join hands and be a united brotherhood that truly believes in true divinity and spirituality .

What is she doing now?

Akiane Kramarik is now 21 years old and has sold two bestselling novels, 200 published pieces of art and at least 800 literary creations.

Currently she is painting her tenth paintings of Jesus called I AM.

She says that everything she does has a meaning and spirituality. She even appeared on the popular TV show, Super Human Geniuses.

In 2014, her story was featured in a movie called Heaven is real which was about God.

Nowadays she is the sole bread winner in her house and she brings in a respectable income from her paintings.

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