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Echolocation has improved the quality of life for a number of blind people.

It is a well known fact that often when one of the senses is lost, the others improve to help cover the void.

When it is sight that is lost, it is often the sense of hearing that will improve to another level to assist with navigation and spatial awareness.


Daniel Kish was born 1966.

Early history

Daniel Kish was born in Montebello, California. He tells of a troubled upbringing, an alcoholic father whom his mother left when Daniel was only 6 years old.

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Daniel Kish’s Super Power

Batman - Daniel uses echolocation to “see” as his eyes were removed when he was only 13 months old.

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What is Daniel Kish currently doing?

Daniel runs a non profit organization called World Access for the Blind, where he helps other blind people learn to get around in the world and was instrumental in designing one of the first echolocation courses for blind people.

What can we learn from Daniel Kish?

Daniel has learned to see with no eyes, he has also managed to teach others to see without eyes. We can learn from Daniel that sometimes when life deals you a cruel blow that takes away one of your senses the human body shows what it is capable of and enhances another sense. In this case Daniel’s sense of hearing is enhanced to the point where it makes up for some of the loss of his sight.

Genetic or Learned Super Power?

We can definitely say that this super power can be learned, as Daniel has taught others the ways of echolocation.

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Blind as a Bat: Daniel Kish

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