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There is a special kind of savant, not one that is born with a particular disorder or with autism.

Often it is a head injury, or seizure that occurs and seems to trigger something unusual in the brain.

Orlando Serrell is one of these acquired savants.

Image: flickr

Image: flickr


Orlando Serrell was born in 1968


In Orlando Serrells case he didn’t display anything unusual until sometime after January 15 1979.

Orlando was playing baseball when he was hit on the left side of his head in blow strong enough to cause him to fall to the ground.

I just felt the pain on my left side of head.


Orlando didn’t go home and tell his parents, he also didn’t receive any medical treatment for the accident.

For a long time after the accident however he suffered from headaches.

The headaches eventually passed and shortly after this, he discovered he had an amazing ability.

Orlando Serrell’s Super Powers

From the date of the accident onwards Orlando developed an ability to perform calendar calculations that are amazing.

Additionally he can recall what the weather was like on pretty much every day since the accident in 1979.

In recent testing his recall of dates prior to the accident is also improving!


For example you can say to him “23 january 1993” and he will tell you not only what day of the week that was, but whether or not it was raining in the area where he resided.

If this can happen to men like Orlando, do we actually all have that inside our minds? We just haven’t figured out how to unlock it?

Orlando on Stan Lee’s Superhumans

In this short 2 minute segment from the popular show, watch as Orlando amazes everyone around him with his astonishing memory.

Spontaneous Savant - Orlando Serrell on Discovery Channel

This clip talks more about the accident, and the history of our Super Savant.

What can we learn from Orlando?

Orlando helps to prove that all of us have savant skills inside us, it might take a knock on the head to unleash the power, but it is there.

He is a very humble man and is just as amazed by his own abilities, as everyone else is.

Genetic or Learned Super Power?

Genetic, but we are beginning to understand its in all of us, fascinating studies have been done on the way brains like Orlando’s work, and the differences between those with amazing powers and those without.

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