Harold Williams - Super Linguist- Super Human 22

Harold Williams is very different from most of us.

This Super Linguist, is like someone from another world!


On April 6th, 1876, Harold Whitmore Williams was born normally like any other kid of the time.

He was an born in Auckland, New Zealand.


He was the First born of Reverend W.J. Williams who was an elder of the early methodist church.

Although born in New Zealand, his parents were British nationals.

He had six brothers, who choosing to become servicemen, found completely different paths for their lives compared to Harold’s adventurers perspective.

He led, what can only be described as, a normal childhood.

At the early age of seven, Harold felt a great urge to learn and master different languages.

His first language to master at that age was Latin.

He attended Christchurch boys’ and later Timaru Boys’ School.

Before he joined high school, this soon to be super human, had already mastered more than 10 languages just by learning via his own methods.

He was a strong Christian who later became a pastor.

He had written two books during his early life.

He later attended Auckland University and Munich University in Germany where he completed his PHD in languages at the age of 26.

In his early life, he became a vegetarian due to the strict philosophies that he had helf for life.

Harold’s Super Power

He had a very high ability of mastering new languages, some of which were not even related to his native language.

According to Wikipedia he knew more than 58 languages!

He impressed his childhood peers by mastering Latin, a language considered “hard” to learn and grasp, even nowadays.

Most normal human beings, by childhood, do not even have a complete mastery of their native languages let alone the ability to be learning foreign languages.

A normal human is expected to know at most 6 languages, of which a person may only be fluent in three and the rest are likely to be full of grammatical and spelling mistakes, mostly evident when one tries to converse with a native speaker of a particular language.

During one of Harolds’ many adventures, he set foot in Russia where he later worked as a journalist and an adviser of Russian affairs to the then British ambassador during the first world war.

It was argued that he mastered the Russian grammar even better that most Russians!

What can we learn from Harold Williams?

  1. It is best to accept who we are, just like Harold Williams accepted the reality that he was a language genius from the early age of 7!
  2. So long as you can do something differently and do it better than other people, it is best to be upfront about it and have your ability recognized so that you can continue learning more and helping others
  3. No matter what your abilities, ensure that you try to lead a life that is not over stated,that is live at least within the enclosures of society
  4. Always try to uphold peace by whatever means you have available to you. Harold helped the English understand that the Russians were just normal and good people by the many articles and books he wrote about Russia

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