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I first stumbled upon Bryon Ferguson whilst watching an episode of Stan Lee’s Superhumans.

I remember being amazed as Bryon’s lovely wife Wanda threw an aspirin up into the air and Byron shot it with an arrow!

Early History Of Bryon Ferguson

Byron first discovered his love for, and skills with archery at the age of 12 after messing around with one of his cousins at a neighbourhood creek.

He has been on a number of documentaries and shows over the years including..

  • Stan Lees Superhumans
  • The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  • History Channel’s “Extreme Marksmen” and “More Extreme Marksmen”
  • Guest Star on the “Super Human” TV program

Legend has it that he developed his own style of shooting the bow, by sitting in a dark room and firing arrows at candle flames!

Byron uses the traditional long bow, and this is because he is first and foremost a hunter.

What Is His SuperPower?

Byron has greater than normal eyesight of 20/15, this means he can see what normal people see from 15 feet away, at 20 feet away.

It’s not his eyesight though that makes him so much different from the rest of us, he is a superhuman marksmen and capable of amazing feats with a bow and arrow.

Byron Ferguson’s Incredible Archery Shots

What Can We Learn From Byron?

Byron teaches that to become a superior archer you must make the bow and arrow extensions of your body.

He has great self belief and says..

I believe if I can see it I can hit it.

Links And Videos

Byron’s Website

Byron has written a book “Become The Arrow“”

Byron Ferguson’s Incredible Archery Shots - Opening Coke Bottle

Bowman Show - The Byron Ferguson Show

Byron Ferguson Expert Tips for Bow Hunting - Where to Aim

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